Hills to shore Artists

Janet Anderson

 I have a broad yet simple desire in my paintings: to create something beautiful.  

It’s not that I want to ignore the ugliness of life, far from it, but I want to create environments that are places of relief, of release, of healing and tenderness. 

Janet's work

Claudia Aguilera

  Claudia is a quilling artist who creates  scenes of nature by shaping & arranging tiny strips of paper. Growing up in Mexico, she is inspired by the bright, bold colours of the city, yet her work depicts the peace & tranquility that Vancouver Island brings through flowers, plants, & wildlife. 

Claudia's Work

Clare Attwell

Clare is a textile and multi-media artist. When she is not working on her own art, she works as a community artist, using the arts in imaginative ways to help community groups explore complex issues such as cultural and spiritual identity, including community visioning. 

Clare's work

Colette Baty

Colette has a varied art practice. She is a sculptor, painter and mixed media artist.  Using her camera and travel as inspiration, she creates works that play with the concepts of time, place and space; art that stretches the boundaries of reality yet seem possible.

COlette's work

Allan Castle

Allan is a self-taught painter and sometime photographer based in Victoria, British Columbia. He grew up in the Okanagan Valley, and he loves the colours, light and heat of the dry interior desert.  Allan paints landscapes and abstracts and works in both oil and acrylic.

Allan's work

Dorothy Haegert

I have painted in acrylics and created photo-montage for many years now but still feel the excitement of new images and new discoveries.  Lately I have included mixed media, plaster, pastes, abstract design and a desire to try new approaches.

Dorothy's work

Jill Fitz Hirschbold

" I can't say for sure if it is my thoughts that point the lens to find an image that can express that particular moment or whether the image taken stirs the thoughts that belong with a specific part of my journey. Either way, for me, it is equally about the embedded story as the image itself."

Jill's work

Sandy King

Sandy was born and raised in Victoria BC Canada. A career musician and music educator she has come back to her art after retirement. She loves watercolour, but also loves dabbling with acrylics and mixed media. Currently she enjoys painting local scenes here in Victoria and on the Island.

Sandy's work

Sonia Lesage

Sonia is a functional potter who works in her home studio, nestled at the base of Mt Doug, in Victoria.  Her pottery echoes natural elements that surround her. She creates tableware that is simple yet elegant and for everyday use. Pieces are dishwasher and oven safe. 

Sonia's work

Judi MacLeod

Judi MacLeod is a full time fibre artist from Western Canada who has spent most of her life working with fibre. She was first exposed to experimental fibre work by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn from England which changed the entire focus of her work. 

Judi's work

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer creates her hand fabricated jewelry for people who love to express their own unique personality and artistic sense of style.  Miller believes there is something magical in designing and forming jewelry by hand and making that invisible connection available for others to enjoy.

Jennifer's work

Carol Sherwood

As a Mt.Tolmie resident in the Victoria region, Carol has been taking fine art photographs for 20 years. She looks for lines, shapes, textures, and colours that exist in nature or manufactured settings, often picking out a portion of a scene that my be normally overlooked. 

Carol's work

Sandhu Singh

Sandhu is an award-winning watercolor artist. His work portrays daily life in busy street scenes, seascapes with haze and mist, and rural landscapes. Most important  he approaches his subject in a fearless manner and uses looseness to portray its movement. 

Sandhu's work

Melanie Spencer

 Melanie has fallen in love with the complexity and challenges that only watercolour can give, while enjoying the layering transparency and the organic nature of this medium. She likes to paint with a bit of whimsy and realism and transit back and forth between the two. 

Melanie's work

Marcela Strasdas

Marcela is an Argentinian/Canadian painter who loves painting landscapes, still-lifes and florals in acrylics and oils. She is greatly inspired by her love of traveling and gardening which gets translated into colourful vibrant paintings depicting beauty found in everyday scenes.

Marcela's work

Helen Stewart

Helen is an artist, writer, teacher, and storyteller. Raised in Berkeley, California, Helen studied and worked at the university. She continued her art studies in San Francisco and New York. Helen is a printmaker, whose work is exhibited in numerous galleries and private collections.

Helen's work

Peter Van Giesen

Doing art, for me, is a mystical process, a spiritual work, and an exercise of creativity.   When I paint it is as if the veil of the common life is momentarily lifted allowing me to be embraced by the underlying essence of the universe.  I consider my artistic expression a gift to be shared.

Peter's work